Executive Board

Mohsin Saleemi

Mohsin Saleemi holds PhD in Materials Chemistry from KTH, Stockholm and Metallurgical Engineering from UET, Lahore. He has strong skill-set in the field of research to develop materials with desired characteristics. His focus is nanomaterials and their applications in engineered composites, biomedical, environmental, and renewable energy sectors.

Syed Naseh

Syed Naseh is CEO of Diya Interactive AB and holds Masters in Interactive Media Design from Södertorns University. He has broad experience in Project Management, Software Development and Game Design. His focus is on using digital games and toys as a medium to stimulate curiosity and inspire learning in children in developing nations.

Advisory Board


Bert-Ola Bergstrand

Chaírman and co-founder at Social Capital Forum

Bert-Ola Bergstrand is a systems-entrepreneur and global pioneer in building/facilitating impact markets/digital social innovation platforms. Over the last 15 years Bert-Ola has catalyzed, co-founded and founded a number of international impact platforms and networks such as: Social Capital Forum, Future Navigators, Global Impact Journey, Social Capital Markets Network and finally Katapult in Oslo. 

Anneli Persson Bäck

Anneli Persson Bäck

Environmental Engineer

Anneli is an Environmental Engineer, teacher, educator and traveller since 1989. She focuses on sustainable and responsible tourism and has a special interest in ground water, water treatment, waste management, sustainability and infrastructures (energy efficiency).

Shahana Khalil

Shahana khalil

Commercial Coordinator

Shahana Khalil work as a Commercial Coordinator at the Embassy of Pakistan to Sweden and Finland. She holds Master’s degrees in Business administration, specialising in HR and International relations with focus on International trade and Investment policy. Her field of focus is to facilitate the Human aspect of international trade and investment both on individual as well as organisational level.

Digital Technology Committee

Usman Arfzai

Usman Afzal

Technical Solution Advisor at Microsoft

Asad Ali

Muhammad Usman Asif

Director Partnership at Sellbranch

Asad Ali

Rafiq Muhammad

PHD Candidate at Karolinska Institutet

Nasir Nawaz

Nasir Nawaz Khan

Service Delivery Leader at Nordea

Asad Ali

Habib ur Rehman

CEO at Alftech Sverige

Asad Ali

Asad Ali

System Developer at Teleopti